Parkhead Community Nursery

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Settling In Procedure

Enrolment Procedures

On your child’s first day at nursery, we ask that you attend for one hour and the known adult waits too.  This time will be increased daily until we are confident your child has settled in comfortably.

The nursery operates a Key-worker system. A Key-worker is simply your child’s special person whom they will relate to, along with all staff. Your child’s Key-worker will assist you in settling your child into nursery, meeting all their needs, and they will inform you of his/her progress.

Each playroom has a different ratio of staff to children.

  • In our youngest room children aged 0-2 years the ratio is one member of staff to three children.
  • In our toddler room the ratio is one member of staff to five children.
  • In our nursery room the ratio here is one member of staff to eight children.

If you have any questions or problems, please talk to your Key-worker who will be willing to assist at the beginning or end of each session or you may prefer to discuss issues with a member of management.

All Nursery Staff are fully qualified, enthusiastic, motivated and part of a dedicated team who are constantly updating their knowledge and skills through literature and    participation in Training.

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