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Keyworker System
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Children are allocated a “special” staff member, known as the keyworker. This is the person who will support your child’s development when at nursery. The key worker will share with the parents regularly their child’s progress. Parent’s meetings are held during the autumn and summer term. Our first evening is an opportunity for you to  experience first hand how your child is learning and provides us with the opportunity to explain in more details our curriculum. The second opportunity we are able to     discuss more fully your child’s achievements and for children who are going to primary school we explain the contents of the transition record that is sent to the primary school.

The keyworker and the rest of the staff team will use observations to plan and record children’s achievements. The keyworkers will be you and your child’s main daily point of contact. However, all the Nursery team is involved in working with the children  during the normal course of the day. If your child's key worker is on annual leave, training or is ill, you can confidently leave your child in the care of another known member of staff.