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Literacy for All

Literacy for All is an evolving framework which aims to build capacity and develop understanding of Literacy as a transformational tool. LfA approaches help to develop consistency across Glasgow's establishments, raising achievement and engagement through examining what works and how best to support our learners.

LfA provides a suite of CLPL to help practitioners focus on high quality, evidence based approaches to improving reading, writing and listening and talking. Our reading programme includes core areas such as phonological awareness, reading strategies to enhance metacognition and digital and critical literacy. Practitioners are also given opportunities to explore the genre approach in writing, and to assist in the evaluation of writing progression a toolkit called 'Routes through Writing' has been devised. In 2018 we embarked on delivering our listening and talking programme, which has a high emphasis on addressing the vocabulary gap.

Closing the attainment gap in Glasgow requires us to have creative and innovative approaches; examples of this can be seen through effective use of partners such as music specialists and engagement through film literacy to take account, not only of the child's experiences and interests in school, but also their experience at home.

We aim to ensure that our approaches and strategic guidance instil a sense of ownership and confidence in practitioners and school leaders as they strive to provide learning experiences fit for the 21st century learner. This in turn will equip Glasgow's young people with the tools that they need to embark on positive destinations, to become lifelong learners and to find their place in society.

pdf icon Literacy for All Infographic [618kb]