Parkhead Community Nursery

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Meals and Healthy Eating


Most children attend nursery for a half-day session, therefore, meals are not generally provided. However, some children may attend on a full day basis and in those circumstances a meal may be provided, at the cost of £1.52 per day (subject to change)

Special diets are available on medical or religious grounds.

Children and young people of parents/carers receiving Income Support, income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Working Tax Credit (where income is less than £6,420) and Child Tax Credit only (where income is less than £15,860*) are entitled to a free midday meal. Information and application forms for free establishment meals may be obtained from Grants Section at Education Services headquarters. *Income amount effective from 1 April 2015 and may be changed by Department of Work and Pensions.

Snacks and the Promotion of Healthy Eating

Parkhead Nursery promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging our children to taste new foods. Each child receives a healthy snack each day at the cost of 26p per snack. A menu is available in both units.  We would appreciate you comments on the variety and menu selection.

Payment of snacks is through Glasgow City Council Education  Service Charges team. You shall be issued with invoices that MUST be paid to ensure that this service continues for all our children to receive a healthy snack during nursery.

Tooth brushing Programme

The children are provided with a tooth brush pack when they start nursery which is supplied by the Oral Health Action Team. Children have the opportunity to brush their teeth after snack time. We would appreciate you support during our work. Staff      regularly speak to the children about how to look after their teeth and talk about healthy foods. Please can we ask that children do not bring fizzy drinks and sticky sweets to nursery.