Parkhead Community Nursery

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Parents Group

All welcome. The parents group aim is to assist the nursery in managing parents toy fund, discuss and share different views, assist the nursery in identifying and improving quality and ideas for fundraising and other special events. If you would like to participate please let a member of staff know. Staff are supported through a variety of training both in-house and using other professionals to support a variety of different needs.

We work very closely with other outside agencies e.g. Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychological Services, Home Visiting Teachers and other outside professionals who are welcome to visit your child at nursery, with your approval. We have compiled a ‘learning at home and in nursery. Information sheet, which we hope you, will find informative and helpful. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Working together to promote positive behaviour

We believe that if you have a positive attitude towards your child, then your child in return, will respond in a positive way.

Most young children will have times when they have tantrums, argue and hit out at each other. Staff, as trained childcare workers, can help your child cope with these stages by offering support, calming them down, diverting them to other activities and generally helping them to become sociable and confident.