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Photographs and Videos

Parents will be asked to give written permission for photographs to be taken of their child both inside and outside the nursery e.g. at Learning Experiences or on Outings.

Video film may also be taken to record your child’s progress within the nursery or to record special celebrations. Digital images can be used to display children at play and what they are learning. These images shall be stored on the computers in both buildings.

A photographer has been brought into the nursery to take photographs of children and their siblings. Older children may be included however, must not take time off school to participate in the photograph.

Information on Adult Groups

All information for adults will be displayed on the walls in the entrance hall or on the notice board in the family room

Information leaflets are available in the reception area:

  • The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 enables any person to obtain information from Scottish public authorities.
  • The Act applies to all Scottish authorities including The Scottish Government and its agencies; Scottish Parliament, local authorities, NHS, universities and further education colleges and the police.

Public authorities have to allow access to the following information;

  • The provision , cost and standard of its service
  • Factual information or decision-making.

The reason for decisions made by it

The legal right of access includes all types of ‘recorded’ information of any data held by the Scottish public authorities. From the 1st January 2005, any person who makes a request for information must provide with it , subject to certain conditions.

Further information is provided on the Glasgow City council website;

No Smoking Policy

The nursery has a No Smoking Policy.

There is no area within the Nursery or our grounds that allows smoking.


No dogs are allowed in the nursery grounds due to health and safety rulings.

Fundraising Toy fund Donations

Throughout the year the nursery will be arranging a variety of fund raising events. A weekly donation of £2.00 is required to assist the nursery provide addition resources for the children; Such as outings, parties, Christmas presents, and special play equipment. We require your support in these events, so please help us. Your views and contributions in this area are vital; we couldn’t manage it without the support of all the parents.