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Parkhead Nursery has many policies that are available for all to read in the reception area and parents room. These policies are to ensure that we continue to provide a quality service to children and their families.

If you wish assistance with any policy or wish to comment, please say to Nikki. We shall be pleased to help and appreciate your thoughts and comments on any policy.

Dealing with Racial Harassment

The Race Relations Act of 1976 makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone because of his/ her colour, race, and nationality, ethnic or national background. The Act makes it the duty of Glasgow City Council to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination.

In 1999 the guidelines, ‘Dealing with Racial Harassment’ were issued to assist all teaching staff in dealing with such incidents.

The adoption of an anti-racist approach should be seen as one part of the continuing attempt to improve the quality of education. Glasgow City Council recognises that support from the home is essential if these aims are to be achieved. Every child in Glasgow has the right to be happy and secure at establishment.


Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated within Glasgow City Council’s educational establishments. All children in Glasgow’s educational establishments have an entitlement “to work (and play) in a learning environment in which they feel valued, respected and safe and are free from all forms of abuse, bullying or discrimination”.(A Standard for Pastoral Care in Glasgow Establishments).

In 2009, Glasgow City Council published its revised Anti-Bullying Policy, incorporating the requirement to record and report all discriminatory behaviours within educational establishments. All establishments are required to review their policy in light of this. Parents and carers have a significant role to play in helping to address this problem. For this reason any anti-bullying strategy must stress the importance of partnership with the parents and carers of their children.

The Rights of Staff

Each member of staff has the right to feel safe in their working environment.  Should you feel aggrieved, upset or angry with any member of staff please see a member of the Management Team. You should at all times avoid a confrontation in a playroom. You should be aware that Glasgow City Council has quite clear guidelines on violence to staff and these include the right to protection from verbal and physical abuse.

Nikki is authorised and will follow the procedures laid down in these guidelines and will do so should any instances occur.

Excursions and Consent Form

When outings or excursions for children are planned, the Head of the Establishment or a member of staff will advise you in advance. You will be asked to complete a consent form, which gives your permission for your child’s participation.

Please note that the children cannot take part in outings unless completed consent forms have been signed by their parent/guardian.

The Establishment and the Community

Parkhead Community Nursery is part of the East Learning Community which includes all schools attached to Eastbank Academy and St Mungo’s Secondary school.

Our Equal Opportunity Policy

Parkhead Community Nursery has a policy on equal opportunities that all early years establishments follow. We ensure we are anti-racist, multicultural and recognise the rights of both men and women to work or to care for children. Provision will be made for children with disabilities or chronic illnesses. No child will be disadvantaged by their social background. These principles are reflected in the criteria used to admit children to nursery and in the nursery curriculum.

Privacy Statement and Data Protection Act 1998

As a Glasgow City Council Early Years Establishment we process information on children and young people, parents and carers, this information is stored safely in paper form and electronically and may be used for teaching, registration, assessment and other administrative duties. The information is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and may only be disclosed in accordance with the Codes of Practice. For further information please contact the establishment.

For further information please see our full privacy statement:


Our nursery has a duty to ensure that all our children have equal access to the curriculum, supported as appropriate to their individual needs. This covers not only the content of teaching and learning but also minor adaptations to the physical environment of our building to address the needs of pupils with physical or sensory impairments. We also need to ensure that parents who have a disability have equal access to information about their children. This could involve providing suitable accommodation for meetings, physical access for parents or the provision of an interpreter for the deaf.

Non-Denominational Policy of our Nursery

Our nursery is non-denominational. We respect and welcome children and parents/carers of all religion, faiths and beliefs.

Links with Local Colleges.

Parkhead Community Nursery has positive links with a number of colleges that offer courses in ChildCare Studies, including S.V.Q.’s.  Students attend on a day-release, spending two days per week in nursery placement. If you have any further questions that you wish answered in relation to the course, or student training, please do not hesitate to ask.

Religions and beliefs.

Links with Primary Schools

Good Liaison with the receiving primary school is essential if continuity and progression in children’s development and learning is to be achieved. Liaison about the curriculum helps to develop shared understanding of continuity in learning between early years and primary education!

At Parkhead Nursery we work effectively to build good communication links with local Primary Schools. We will inform you of registration and enrolment procedures for your chosen primary school. Please note that children must be registered at their local school, even if a placing request at another school is made.

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