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Glasgow counts
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Glasgow Counts

Glasgow Counts aims to fill young minds with a sense of agency and endow them with the motivation, courage and belief in their power to influence their own futures. We want our young people to engage with mathematics and build their comprehension of the subject across the curriculum. In addition, we aim to build better mathematical understanding in and beyond our classrooms.

The Glasgow Counts key messages are:

  • ?to use the CPA approach to develop conceptual understanding
  • ?to develop problem solving, reasoning and fluency
  • ?to create mathematical mind sets
  • ?to develop mastery learning
  • ?to engage in Maths Talk
  • ?to meet the needs of all learners

Key messages are communicated through high quality CLPL which enables practitioners to build capacity in their establishments. In making what is sometimes seen as complex accessible, we are steadily debunking the popular myth that there is such a thing as being 'no good at Maths'.

Recently, we augmented our existing programme with a comprehensive package which aids understanding and implementation of Number Talks. In collaboration with the Leaders of Early Learning and our secondary school colleagues were now have 3 interleaving programmes: Glasgow Counts in our playrooms, primaries and secondaries, providing full coverage of the 3-18 curriculum. We have also increased partnership working with GDSS and PEPASS teams, in order to enhance our provision.

pdf icon Glasgow Counts Infographic [362kb]